Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust

Erik Boss


Who even is this guy?


  • Erik Boss
  • Ruhr-Universit├Ąt Bochum
    • EMSEC

(In)famous for

  • Strong language
  • Bad jokes
  • Awesome surname (thanks Dad)

And what is he doing here?

  • Microcode for Good (TM) & Evil (TM)
    • Lawful Evil for now
    • Good (TM) later
  • Ignoring common sense

What is this microcode you speak of?

"It's really small…"

– Captain Obvious

But really…

"That thing that gets updates whenever Intel/AMD messes up."

  • The lowest of levels of software programming
    • Anything lower is basically hardware
  • Implements the ISA
  • Most CPU architectures seem to include some form of microcode

Silly example

pop [ebx]

can be implemented in microcode as

load tmp, [esp]
store [ebx], tmp
add esp, 4

Why though?

"To err is human."

  • Flexibility both in design and after deployment
  • Disable/fix faulty instructions

Case in Point

"8.9999163362: It's Close Enough, We Say So"

– S. Sadi Seferoglu

(But many more…)

But how does it work?


Thank the gods for these guys


(Note: this is for slightly older AMD CPUs)

Nitty gritty


For Evil (TM)

"Come to the dark side. We have cookies."

– Darth Vader

How do we exploit this for lawful evil purposes?

Channeling Odysseus


"Toy example"

  • Hook div
  • Preserve semantics in normal operation
  • Something "a little extra" on a given trigger

div Trojan

/* The instrumented div instruction... */
if (eax == 0xA && ebx == 0xB) {
 eip += 1
} else {
/* normal reg32 div */
; Pulling the trigger...
mov eax, 0xA
mov ebx, 0xB
div ebx
add eax, 0xcc909090 ;payload
; Leading to...
mov eax, 0xA
mov ebx, 0xB
div ebx
/* skip */

World's most i(NSA)ne threat model

If nation-state adversaries are not your problem, microcode Trojans are not going to be either.

– Me


Probably… Maybe… Hopefully

For Good (TM)


Let's think about this…

  • Vendor-certified cryptographic (or other) primitives
    • Distinct sets of extensions?
    • Easier than re-configurable hardware?
      • We could have both

State of the nation


Two open evaluation microcoded RISC-V platforms

  1. One modeling a smaller embedded device
  2. The other a "normal" CPU capable of running interesting things

Wibbly wobbly timey wimey

Short Term

  • Finalize both evalution platforms
  • Run the attacks on a bunch of crypto
  • Profit

The Future is Now

"No it's not."

– Some sane person

Long Term

  • Implement cryptographic primitives in microcode?
  • More interesting Trojans?
  • Attacks in noisier environments?
  • Attack non-cryptographic security-critical systems?



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